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Umbral is a surreal single-player puzzle game that explores the interactions of shadow, light, and space. Its world is governed by its own logic and rules.

Players navigate a cube through an increasingly complex series of abstract shadow patterns toward an end goal. The cube must be at the correct position in all axes to enter this goal.

The cube must be at the correct position in all axes to enter this goal. The ways in which the shadows fall across the cube and its faces dictate the axes upon which it may move.

When one of the cube's dots is within a shadow, it will activate and light up. An active dot allows can move along a shadow in either of the two axes in the plane if exists upon.


XBox Controller - Analog Sticks and Start Button


KeyBoard - W,A,S,D, and Up/Down Arrow Keys

This is a one semester school game project created by 4 NYU Game Center MFA Students:

Kevin Zeng : Itch Page

Shelley Chen : Portfolio Site

Daniel Kimsey : Portfolio Site

Qiu Sun : Portfolio Site

Music- Spring By Dan Axe

Music- Cyber Dream Loop By Eric Matyas


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Umbral [MAC] 30 MB
Umbral [WIN] 24 MB


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Hitting the  left and right arrows by mistake closes the game down  on a Mac if I am going up or down which is quite annoying !

Hi, thank you for playing Umbral and letting us know the issue. We're currently working on a new project full time but we'll fix the issue in near future!

Beautiful game, very well crafted with a careful level design, relaxing and complex in a balanced way. I really enjoyed this little game.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much :DDD


Love this game! Such a clean art style and clever mechanic. The game flows nicely but the last stages ramp up and become very challenging (but not frustratingly so). A great little game I'd love to play on my phone. 

Thank you for playing!! Glad you like it! 
We are only planning to release the game on PC & MAC, but please do come back and play more when its done!


Heya! I played your game yesterday at NYU's end of the year show( and couldn't give much feedback since I had to hurry out to go home after trying it) but I just wanted to say I loved this game! I got to beat all the puzzles and I really liked how relaxing it was, but also challenging to figure out each puzzle. Can't really think of what can be improved on because I really liked everything overall like the graphics are very pretty and the game mechanics are easy to grasp. You all did a great job!!

Thanks for the message!! It means a lot to us! 

We are planning to continue developing the game during the summer 😀
Please come back and play when it's done!!