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Hitting the  left and right arrows by mistake closes the game down  on a Mac if I am going up or down which is quite annoying !

Hi, thank you for playing Umbral and letting us know the issue. We're currently working on a new project full time but we'll fix the issue in near future!

Beautiful game, very well crafted with a careful level design, relaxing and complex in a balanced way. I really enjoyed this little game.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much :DDD


Love this game! Such a clean art style and clever mechanic. The game flows nicely but the last stages ramp up and become very challenging (but not frustratingly so). A great little game I'd love to play on my phone. 

Thank you for playing!! Glad you like it! 
We are only planning to release the game on PC & MAC, but please do come back and play more when its done!


Heya! I played your game yesterday at NYU's end of the year show( and couldn't give much feedback since I had to hurry out to go home after trying it) but I just wanted to say I loved this game! I got to beat all the puzzles and I really liked how relaxing it was, but also challenging to figure out each puzzle. Can't really think of what can be improved on because I really liked everything overall like the graphics are very pretty and the game mechanics are easy to grasp. You all did a great job!!

Thanks for the message!! It means a lot to us! 

We are planning to continue developing the game during the summer 😀
Please come back and play when it's done!!